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Reference Check Format

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I got this is in the mail for a reference check.
The answers on the right are mine, but you may want to try & do it for yourself.



How long have you worked with this candidate?

 2 yrs    

What level of decision-making did the candidate undertake in his / her role, and how good and fast were his / her decisions?

 Junior management.  Excellent decision making capabilities on the tasks delegated to him.

How good is the candidate in delegating authority?

 Has a judicious balance.  

How good a team leader and team player is the person?

 Exciting team leader, excellent team player.

How would you describe the candidate’s effectiveness in carrying out his/her main responsibilities?

 very high

What in your view has been his / her major achievement?

 launched concierge services from scratch.  effective implementation of the lobby and guest service renovation


What would you describe as the candidate’s strong points? In summary, what do you like about the candidate’s personal qualities and approach to work?

 tenacious, full of zing, energetic, performance way beyond the call of duty, results oriented yet emotionally effective.

If the candidate has any weaknesses, what would you say they were? Alternatively, what do you think the candidate could improve on?

 strive for perfection.  sometimes it may interfere in moving on.

Are there any other aspects of the candidate’s work performance or personal qualities that you would like to comment on?

 wonderful individual.  have known him as a young starter and have admired the way he has handled both himself and his career.

What according to you are the reasons for his / her separation?

 more responsibilities. 

If you had a position vacancy in your organization, would you hire this individual?

 without a doubt

Did you ever observe or notice in this individual a tendency towards unethical personal   practices?


Comments, if any