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Sushant N. Pawar | Award Winning Chief Engineer of the Green Globe Certified, Park Inn Muscat

Editor | First of all, Many many congratulations on winning the certification!, Now, What is the Green Globe Certification?
Sushant | Green Globe provides sustainability services and certification since 1993. Originally founded in the UK, the company is based in Los Angeles/California with Preferred Partnerships in Europe, Africa, Latin America, Caribbean, India as well as Asia. Green Globe Certification is a member of the Tourism Sustainability Council (TSC). The certification process is offered in 5 languages: English, Spanish, French, German and Portuguese.

Editor | what according you will be the immediate and long-term benefits to the hotel from this certification?
Sushant | Immediate benefits are improvement in policy and procedures specially in purchase department, get to know about the best practices worldwide in operation. Long term benefits are Saving through energy efficiency, waste management and getting many guests/clients through the marketing by green Globe.

Editor | what are the challenges that you foresee for the hospitality industry in terms of environment and engineering?
Sushant | Energy efficient project design, waste management and availability of environment friendly materials.

Editor | What does it take to succeed in the hospitality industry?
Sushant | Accepting challenges/changes, smile on the face, delightful service to the guests, Yes I can attitude.

Editor | What do you suggest for hotel management students to do in college so that they can better appreciate and understand the engineering side of a hotel?
Sushant | They have to study the real cases from projects to the operation of the hotel to become more familiar with the engineering installations, its maintenance and repair planning.

Sushant N. Pawar - Chief Engineer