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Solomon James | Vice President - IDS Networks Group

Solomon James,
Vice President - IDS Networks Group
IDS Softwares Pvt. Ltd

Editor | As tech gets more personal and unobtrusive, how do you see hotel PMS or POS evolving, both in terms of physicality and services?

In terms of back end applications, an increasing number of them are moving to the cloud. I expect PMS and POS to be no exception. However, with regard to user-interfaces one would expect a range of innovative Man-Machine interfaces. The iPad is the first device that comes to mind and a host of other tablets could be in the reckoning. The PMS/ POS will need to undergo extensive change in order to adapt to these devices. I anticipate that UI will go for an overhaul, from the present ones that are designed for PCs to more touch-friendly versions. One of the primary initiatives of IDS Networks Group is to utilise business applications better by introducing better interfaces for users.

Editor | With every hotel collecting a mountain of data on each guest - choice of fruit to telephone numbers called - how do you see the following pan out: a) sharing of data among service providers - e.g airlines, car rental companies, hotels, hospitals etc b) data theft and privacy issues

The sharing of data services is not a technical challenge; it has always been a commercial challenge. Data sharing is viable if the business interests behind these industries converge. Having said that, one doesn’t see any developments in this direction at this stage, and I feel that government is in an ideal position to play an aggregator’s role here.

Editor | How many of your clients are moving to the cloud? Do you think the industry is ready for a pay-per-use PMS? Does IDS have any such offering or can we expect something in the near future?

Many of our clients are already accessing cloud based applications. IDS will soon begin offering cloud based applications to help hotels with CRM and Centralised Reservations. Eventually, PMS will also have to move to the cloud, but it could take as much as 18 months for the industry to see progress on this front.

Editor | When will we see the integration of social media into the hotel PMS? I mean instead of the guest, when can I, as a hotel tweet a celebrity arrival or departure?

Integration will be driven by the ability of hotels to manage social media. We understand that social media is a vast and mainly public domain. When hotels are ready to handle the tweets, not just technologically, but also with the infrastructure and resources we will be happy to support them by integrating with social media outlets.

Editor | What according to you are some of the trends hotel owners or General Managers should be on the lookout for?

There are a plethora of new initiatives and developments in the technology front for the hospitality industry every day! Hoteliers are now concentrating on their core services while building trusted partners who can leverage technologies to benefit the hotels.

Hotel owners and GMs are now looking for Total Solutions Partners like IDS Networks Group to take care of the entire gamut of technology initiatives. Such a partnership works well as it not only takes the burden of manning and maintaining the technology infrastructure off the hotel’s hands, but also allows the hotel to focus on spending time with their guests to provide them with a better experience, leading to more satisfied guests.