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Shuvendu Banerjee | Director of Sales and Marketing, Crowne Plaza, New Delhi Rohini

Mr. Shuvendu Banerjee 
Director of Sales and Marketing
Crowne Plaza 
New Delhi Rohini 

Editor | Tell us about your average day Da

Starts with morning meeting along with the team members reviewing the competition followed by analyses of the previous day’s activities and agenda for the day. The morning meeting is followed by the interdepartmental meeting where all the Head of the Departments discuss the progress on the pre-opening activities with respect to their department. Training Needs are also reviewed with the HOD’s for the developmental needs that are required in their department. Meeting the prospective Clients is always a priority during the day. The day is summed up by evaluating the marketing activities and sales support for the pre-opening phase and the nearing soft- launch. 

Editor | |What is it about Sales & Marketing that first attracted you? 

Sales and Marketing in the hospitality industry is very dynamic and consists of research, action, strategies advertising, publicity, & sales and promotion. It is very challenging and requires for a person to think innovatively, promoting the hotel among the competitors. This was a main factor that pulled me into sales and marketing. 

Editor | What do you think it takes to succeed in Sales & Marketing? 

In order to understanding and succeed in sales and marketing in the hospitality industry today, one must have a thorough understanding of the marketplace as the consumers of lodging, food and beverage, and other travel-related products and services have are changing and evolving. You have to be very well versed with the needs of consumers, know the segmentations of the market to enable you to select the best marketing tool to reach the consumers. You must keep abreast of the happenings in the industry, the new trends in India and also globally 

Editor | How does S&M work with Front Office? What do you think is important for the two to work towards the hotel success? 

Each of the department is a public face of the hotel. Linkages do exist between the two departments even though the interdependence of the two is not too much evident. However both the department work towards achieving revenue for the hotel, gaining business by developing and wining the right business opportunities. 

Editor | What can students in Hotel Management institutes do if they want to join hospitality Sales & Marketing? 

It is important that students should realize that hospitality industry is a service oriented industry and for anyone who wishes to join the Sales and Marketing must be inclined towards it. Students should have good understanding of Consumer Behavior, a flair of selling which requires good negotiation and presentation skills. Students should be able to learn the spirit of working in a team. 
Further discipline is the key that will help them develop the right opportunity and also win the right business while maintain the excellence.