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Saumya M. Sharma | Chief Development Officer | 3 Palms Hotels and Resorts, India

Profile -Saumya M.Sharma - Chief Development Officer

An Exclusive Interview with
Ms. Saumya M. Sharma,
Chief Development Officer,
3 Palms Hotels and resorts, India

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Editor: Tell us about your journey. How did it all start?
Indian hospitality market has been growing exponentially and after carefully observing the market waiting for the right time, SRM spa & resorts signed a Master franchise agreement bringing 3 Palms Hotels & Resorts to India.

Editor: 3 Palms Hotels & Resorts looks to offer world class holiday destinations for the Non-metro markets. What do you think is the spending capacity of this market?
3Palms Hotel & Resort is offering a 5 star luxury resort in the non metro market since the buying power in these cities has gone up significantly the non metro customer is demanding higher end luxury amenities and is getting aware of the world around him and is traveling overseas for vacations and in our eyes quiet capable of expecting luxury closer to home.
Further from the business standpoint, there are various untapped destination getaways which will be ideal for 3 Palms Hotel & resort adding to the uniqueness of our resort. Recent studies of demand in non metro market has led to a lot of hotel operators to target their focus on non metro market.

Editor: Who do you consider your competition?

We are unique as a brand with very little competition since we are among the very few Hotel brands that are willing to go with the Franchising model in India and let the "pride of ownership" stay with its owners & developers. We are not interested in taking over a property from the owner and running it for him ,instead we are wanting to be partners in business with the owner/developer and with our experienced successful business model and make it a successful venture with our central reservation and local marketing team. Further we are targeting non metro market and looking for unique boutique locations to develop or convert into 3Palms Hotels & Resorts.

Editor: What can owners expect from your company that they would typically not get as a franchise of your competitors?
As I was mentioning before we believe in "the Pride of Ownership" we work on a pure franchising model where the owner/operator/developer has full control over his property. We work with the goals and visions of the operator and providing him "Profitability,Visibility,Franchising along with Management & marketing support"

Editor: In a market that is aspirational and fragmented, what branding efforts can we expect in the coming year?
Our brand is targeted towards connecting with destination using local resources and personnel to make every 3 Palms Hotel & Resort experience unique ,there is no cookie cutter approach in terms of look & feel of the place .
All 3 Palms Hotels & resorts will have a different theme,some of our properties will be heritage some new development and some existing properties in resort destinations.

Editor: Do you have plans to open a hotel management or spa management institute?
We are currently not planning any Institute for hotel management or spa .

Editor: What do you think it takes to succeed in this industry?
Hospitality industry is a service industry and like holds true for all service industries, the quality of service and an eye for detail in terms of meeting customer expectations is the key to success. Industry norms are ever changing so moving with the time, looking ahead and anticipating for future obstacles is the key to growth .
We are expecting great growth in India and feel the market has great potential.

Editor: Tell us a little about your average day
 I am an early riser and my day starts with a daily workout . I reach in office by 8:00-8:15 and feel I accomplish the most before everyone comes, in terms for planning for my day and going through the targets to be achieved.Regular work day is divided clearly in between staff meetings and client meetings and conference calls. The day ends with scheduling for the following day and followups .
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