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Sanjay Isaac Thomas | Executive Chef | Holiday Inn Cochin

Prabhjot | First of all, many congratulations on your new assignment. How does it feel to be part of Holiday Inn Cochin? 

Sanjay | Thanks a lot! This is a great appointment for me as I have been with IHG for the past seven years and Cochin is actually home for me. It is always great to be able to return to your home place to share the experiences gained from working overseas. I am happy that I got the privilege to work with a great team in a fresh new Holiday Inn. 

Prabhjot | Oh, so welcome home! Why culinary arts?

Sanjay | Why not culinary arts? Opportunities are great, learning experience is awesome and the job satisfaction is immense! I love that you can see the outcome of your hard work on the smiling faces of our guests. 

Prabhjot | Brilliant! So what is your favourite dish? 

Sanjay | Kerala fish kudambuli with brown rice and spiced buttermilk. The traditional flavours of the kudambuli and use of fresh Kerala fish cannot be beaten.

Prabhjot | Sounds yum! What does it take to become a successful chef? 

Sanjay | Passionate, action oriented and savvy are words that spring to mind. 

Prabhjot | And what do you look for when you select /hire for your team? 

Sanjay | Passion for food and life are critical. Give me someone who is passionate about food and I can teach them all the skills they need to prepare the dishes perfectly every time. 

Prabhjot | What culinary delights can we expect from Holiday Inn Cochin this year? 

Sanjay | We are very proud of our strength in making authentic Kerala delicacies. For breakfast, you can sample items like puttu, kadala, kallappam, kozhukkatta etc and for lunch and dinner, Meen vevichathu, Kerala beef roast etc. We also make traditional Italian pizzas in a Woodstone Oven at our authentic Italian Restaurant. You can even have great Panini sandwiches in our café lounge. We believe that we can offer everyone a fresh, authentic meal.