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Ranjan Kumar Das | General Manager at Sarovar Hotels & Resorts

Ranjan Kumar Das |

Ranjan is the General Manager of the new The Muse Sarovar Portico.
Prior to this he was the Corporate Training Manager at  Sarovar hotel. caught up with him for a tête-à-tête.

Prabhjot | What are the three attributes that make a successful hotelier?

Ranjan | Invariably, every successful hotelier have the following attributes:
1.       Highly motivated and a self starter. The urge and hunger to do something new everyday
2.       A very positive attitude. The never say die attitude, which makes people surge ahead in spite of repeated failures and setbacks.
3.       Compassionate and warmth for their guests.

Prabhjot | What is better when you starting your career or early in your career, a better salary or a better company?

Ranjan | A better company of course. Salary will follow after sometime anyways.

Prabhjot | What are your favorite questions in an interview & why?

Ranjan | I have two favorite questions:

1.       Tell me about yourself?
This is a very open ended question and I am looking for bio data of the person expressed in his own words and something more than what is printed on his resume. It also allows me to ask questions and explore deeper, whenever required in between.
(to see how to answer tell me about yourself, click here)

2.       What made you choose this department/industry/fields etc?
A very simple question but I always look for the hunger/urge  and passion in the candidate towards his/her field/dept.

Prabhjot | How important are Grooming & Communication skills in this industry?

Ranjan | Hospitality is all about presentation and communication, hence these are essential attributes.

Prabhjot | What can an applicant do on his/her resume to attract your attention?

Ranjan |
1.      Simple, straight forward English
2.      Achievements can be highlighted (pick those are relevant and important only)
3.      Check spellings

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