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Premal Zaveri | General Manager; Check Inn Hospitality Services

Premal Zaveri
Premal is General Manager - Business Development at Check Inn Hospitality Services Pvt Ltd.

*Consulting Associate at HVS Hospitality Services
*Consulting & Valuation Analyst at HVS
*Front Office Manager at Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces
*Palace Service Manager at Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur
*Duty Manager at Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces
*Management Trainee at Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces

Editor: Congratulations on your new hotel.  Tell us about it and the company
Premal: Check Inn Hotels is a Indian hospitality start up. 
The company was formed after 2 years of research & development on conceptualization, feasibility and product positioning.
It was registered a year and a half back along with the trademarks and licenses associated therewith.

It is an Indian company with its roots firmly entrenched in the select service market with offerings in the mid-market positioning.
The first property came up in Connaught Place, New Delhi on Dussehra (17th October, 2010).

It is a 43-room hotel with a pure veg kitchen offering health conscious meals for the guests. It is mainly designed to cater to the business market segment in the mid market category.
The rates range from Rs4,999 to Rs6,999. Have attached some pics of rooms too.

Editor: Where do you think the hospitality industry is headed in the next 5 years ?
Premal: With the majority of the brands come in and others following suit, there will be more hotels for the guest to choose from.

Like any industry/sector liberalization, the hospitality industry will weed out the mom n pop run hotels by either conversions or termination of operations. However, we will still see many independently run hotels sprouting up and these will be the carefully thought out concepts that would offer a different set of offerings along with the basics of 'a bed to sleep and food to eat', that may not be possible in large format hotels, for eg : personalization, human touch, homely feel, etc.

With more brands entering, development cycles becoming shorter and micro-markets being formed, the hospitality industry is poised to remain steady and we predict at least an 8%-10% growth year on year.

Editor: What do you think it takes to succeed in hospitality?
Premal: As a hotelier, it is important to understand the larger picture of your own hotel.
How you impact the hotel/unit's bottom line can make the difference between a team and a bunch of individuals working together.

A sweeper in NASA was once asked what he did and how was his role important ?
He answered by saying that apart from his regular work of sweeping the floors, he also helped put man on the moon!
By making sure the floor was clean, he made sure that the astronauts did not have a difficulty reaching their space ships.
He was proud of what he did and knew his role in the larger picture.

Another point that makes a big difference is - with all the 'worldly' brands entering India, picking up the best practices is extremely important.
We do not need to reinvent the wheel. Understand your competition and exceed them.

Editor: What are the attributes you look for while selecting or hiring?
Premal: Correct attitude, flexibility, skill sets, common sense

Editor: How will technology change training in hotels/hospitality?

Premal: All tasks related to demos and study material will become IT supported.

Editor: How can people who want to work with you, get in touch?
Premal: They could write in at

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