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Avinash Kumar Verma | Director of Human Resources and Talent Development | Crowne Plaza New Delhi Rohini


Mr. Avinash Kumar Verma 
Director of Human Resources and Talent Development
Crowne Plaza New Delhi Rohini

Editor | What do you look for when hiring / recruiting? 

The right kind of attitude is definitely an essential part of what we look for when hiring for our hotel. A candidate's background should also show that they are genuinely interested in the hospitality industry. Also, we require for the candidates to have strong interpersonal skills as they have to deal with clients and customers at all time and someone who is flexible and a team player will be an asset to the hotel. 

Editor | What according to you is the role of HR in Hospitality? How important are people? 

HR is one of the most important departments in hospitality. Proper human resources management can make a difference in the whole feeling and presence of the entire hotel. HR plays a very vital role starting from the recruitment of the staff till retention. Further employee promotion and progression are the areas overseen by the HR Department which involve training and development programmes as well. Employee Service is another concept that has evolved along with Customer Service these days. It has become very important for the HR to be readily available to the employee as and when the need arises. 

Editor | Some leaders believe we can train for skills but not for attitude. What do you think? 
As I mentioned before, attitude is an important part of what we look for while hiring. Skills can be imparted and one can acquire the right skill on the job and with experience. The right attitude thought essential, can’t be instilled but you can acquire skills with the right attitude and training. With the right kind of attitude, a person is open to training for the skill he requires to do his job to perfection. 

Editor | How important are corporate values, mission or vision for an organization? 

Corporate Values, Vision and Mission all are important for an organization to thrive on a healthy path of success. These three together create a sense of purpose beyond making money and they guide and inspire people throughout the orgainsation. At Crowne Plaza new Delhi Rohini our key values are those that all our employees live by and hold closest to their professional duties. They include being capable, sensitive, supportive, trustworthy and understanding. Our Vision is Great Hotels Guest Love. These statements are not mere statements but are the essence that together elevates the energy, self-esteem and enthusiasm of all the members of the orgainsation.