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Ashwin D'Cunha | Director Operations | Noche|Dia

Ashwin is spearheading a South American - Wine Cafe Chain, which is all set to open it's operations Pan India. The first 2 cafe's are slated to open in Mumbai & Bangalore.  I caught up with Ashwin to understand a little bit more about this unique concept and of course, how readers could find suitable opportunities with him!
Editor| I understand you are bringing a new South American - Wine Cafe Chain to India.  Tell us about it.
Ashwin | Our Inspiration is from a small yet awesome Restaurant in Buenos Aires in Argentina. Yes we are set to open a Wine Cafe Chain in India. Our Brand (a closely guarded secret till Brand Launch) is all about 'Night/DAY'

Editor | When do you begin operations and what is the strategy for 3 -5 years?
Ashwin | the First Wine Cafe is due to open in Bangalore, hopefully in early November 2010. We will be duly diligent and go at a slow pace with our first unit in the first year, after which we have an aggressive Expansion Plan of 18 Cafe's Pan India in a 5-7 year period, with further expansion into Asia, Far East & the Middle East thereafter.

Editor | What according to you makes India ready for such a concept?
Ashwin | A young, dynamic, well travelled and Lifestyle seeking, high disposable income Middle & Upper Middle class.  India is opening its senses literally, people both young & old seek good eating out & Hang out concepts, there is a genuine demand for quality products.

Although we do Know it will be a challenge to educate & excite the market of our Culinary & Wine concept, as India is still a Whiskey and Beer drinking market. However our focus is on great fresh & healthy Food, complimented by great wine and an awesome hanging out experience - we want to be a happy happening place.

We want our customers to have a great time hanging out with Family & Friends, over great food & wine. Come for the Food, stay for the wine and never want to leave (or rather come back frequently for more.)

Editor | I also understand Star/ Cult - Argentian Chef - Leandro Cristobal is involved in the project. Could you tell us a little about him. What will be bring to the initiative?
Ashwin | Leandro Cristobal, is an awesome New World happening chef, he runs Cafe San Juan in Buenos Aires from where our inspiration was derived. Leandro also is doing a show with Fox TV in the USA.

Leandro is our mentor & consulting chef for the entire project, our chef de cuisine will be trained by him directly, he will overlook the entire Kitchen planning, the Food Menu and the operations of the Kitchen Team. He will visit India at least 3 - 4 times a year and do specially festivals & themed nights! We are lucky, honoured & excited to have him on board as part of this amazing venture.

Editor | last but not the least, for people interested in working with you, what should they expect and who do they get in touch with?
Ashwin | We are Looking for happy, young, crisp, daring, wine enthusiastic, and willing to learn & grow professionals - a chef and restaurant operations manager, they will build the rest of the team collectively with us, both can look at a career graph of Corporate Chef and General Manager Global in a 3 - 5 year time line.
We do not necessarily only look at or merit past work and experience, positive and winning attitude with a certain amount of flair and risk taking ability is what we seek. In return we will assure our team of a sincere, hard yet fruitful Culinary & Wine experience, a career changing success story.

For Career opportunities potential candidates can send their CV's to me (Director Operations- Ashwin D'Cunha) - or feel free to call me on my mobile +91 9619279635