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top up

(verb) to add enough to fill the glass Add ice and top up with more tonic water. 


(verb) to mix together with a spoon Add the vodka to the tomato juice and stir. shake to mix a drink in a shaker Shake, don't stir, Mr Bond's martini. 


(noun) a container with a lid for mixing drinks Put the cocktail ingredients in the shaker and shake hard. 


(verb) to pour liquid through a sieve Strain the lemon juice into the glass. 


(noun) a very small amount Add a dash of tabasco. 


(noun) an alcoholic drink enjoyed before a meal Would you like an aperitif before we order dinner? 


(noun) a strong, sweet flavoured alcoholic spirit, often strongly flavoured, usually served at the end of a meal Cointreau is a popular liqueur, flavoured with orange peel. 


(noun) the French term for a liqueur We have several digestifs - Cointreau, Drambuie, etc... 


(verb) to produce spirits, such as whisky, vodka, gin. This fine Irish whiskey has been distilled three times. 


(noun) strong, alcoholic drinks made by distilling Spirits and mixers are on the same aisle of the supermarket. 


(noun) a non-alcoholic drink added to a measure of alcohol Soda and tonic are the most common mixers used in a bar. 

tonic water

(noun) a fizzy, non-alcoholic drink with a bitter taste, used as a mixer I'll have a gin and tonic, with ice and lemon. 

twist of lemon peel

(noun) a thin, curly piece of lemon rind, added for flavour and decoration Top up with tonic and garnish with a twist of lemon peel. 


(adjective) beer pumped from a barrel, not poured from a bottle A pint of draught bitter, please. 


(noun) beer strongly flavoured with hops Two pints of best bitter, please. 


(noun) beer with a less strong flavour of hops I'll have a half of mild: bitter is too strong for me. 


(adjective) describes a drink, especially water, which is not fizzy Sparkling or still water for you, madame? 


(adjective) fizzy, or carbonated Some sparkling waters come in distinctive green bottles. 


(adjective) fizzy, because carbon gas has been added under pressure Cola is a carbonated drink.


(verb) to add a decoration Serve in a cocktail glass, garnished with mint and a twist of lemon. 


(noun) a decoration added to a drink, for appearance and for flavour Lemon peel or fresh mint are often used as garnishes. 


(noun) the amount of drink wasted by accidentally tipping it Spillage of expensive spirits and wines must be avoided in bar work. 


(noun) the North American term for spirits, or distilled alcohol I prefer my liquor neat. 


(adjective) a drink as it is, without anything added Malt whisky is best taken neat. 

single malt

(noun) a Scotch whisky distilled from malted barley, from one distillery and not mixed with any other whisky We have a fine range of ten-year single malts. 


(noun) a Scotch whisky made by mixing two or more different whiskies Johnnie Johnson whisky is a blend, not a single malt. 


(noun) a drink with several ingredients, alcoholic and non-alcoholic A Sidecar cocktail is a mix of lemon juice, Cointreau and brandy. 


(noun) a light fizzy beer I'll have a nice cold pint of lager. 


(noun) a pale beer Brewers produced pale ale specially for export. 

soft drink

(noun) any drink that does not contain alcohol Soft drinks for the children are on the table by the window. 


(noun) a liqueur with a bitter ingredient, such as quinine, peach or lemon Add a dash of Angostura bitters to the cocktail and shake well. 


(noun) a fixed amount, usually of spirits For a gin and tonic, take one measure of gin and top up with a bottle of tonic. 


(adjective) a drink with two measures of spirits Let's have a double whisky to celebrate. 


(noun) official permission to sell alcohol on the premises 


(noun) a person who holds a licence to sell alcohol


(verb) to keep a drink in the fridge Chill white wine in the fridge before serving. 


(noun) an insulated container to keep an opened bottle of wine chilled After filling the customers' glasses, put the wine in the cooler. 


(noun) a number of drinks ordered and paid for by one customer 


(adjective) not sweet 

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