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Single Lady Amenities

What do Single Lady Travelers want?

All the regular amenities +

- A small bottle of moisturizer or body lotion, small perfume and other toiletries
- Lavender Soap, Lady Magazines, Hair Brush, Safety Pins, Nail Polish Remover, Nail Cutter, Washing Detergent
- full length mirrors
- extra disposable bags, pink robes, pink soft slip ons. Lip balm
- Safety pins, nail polish remover , loofa pads, moisturizer, hair oil sachet, washing powder sachet, wet tissue pads , extra disposal bags , ladies magazine , extra skirt hangers
- forest essential kit cald reaving kit and can get a pack of massage and re-lactation oil , along with nail cutter, nail filer , soap studs, nail polish remover , toner, there are also a set of other amenities available in 50 ml bottles like mouth wash , hair conditioner, facial toner, and other regular amenity. gel, shampoo, bath& shower, sanitary pads , mack-up removing swabs , eye brow tips may to be place , Elle, cosmopolitan, women health

from the editor

1. Ensure that the lady is asked if she wants the whole 'pink' treatment. A lot of my guests would feel it went overboard. especially the 'only ladies' serving bit. these are well-traveled, confident women who manage more men than the workforce of a hotel, some of them do not like to be treated like weaklings.

2. More information. Women like to know a little more about stuff than most male travelers. keep more info on the hotel, services, options etc.

3. Tech Help. Have someone on the staff offer in-room assistance with wi-fi or any other hi tech (audio, video on demand etc)