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Italian Culinary Academy

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Italian Cooking School | The Italian Culinary Academy | NY Italian Culinary Academy, sister school of The French Culinary InstituteItalian Culinary Academy - hospitality career e-mag. The Italian Culinary Academy provides the ultimate experience in Italian cooking. Designed by Cesare Casella, our Dean of Italian Studies, cooking courses presented at the Italian Culinary Academy are ground-breaking in their approach to Italian cuisine in a most appropriate way — they have been developed from the heart.

The Italian Culinary Academy provides a rare opportunity to set out on a once-in-a-lifetime culinary odyssey that begins in New York City and whisks you to Parma, Italy, a city unmatched for culinary tradition. We call this intensive training in food, culture and language The Italian Culinary Experience and it is truly that. It is the most comprehensive, authentic course offered today for aspiring Italian cooks like you.

Of course, you can also study entirely in New York City at your own pace and take your inspiration from distinguished Chef-Instructors and some of the finest Italian restaurants — with Essentials of Italian Cooking. Learn Italian cuisine, culture, history, and language in New York City and in Italy.