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Hospitality Marketing 2010

posted Mar 23, 2010, 3:14 AM by Prabhjot Bedi

mansi bhatnagar - home.hospemag.com

Mansi Bhatnagar is the Lead at HVS Communication & Marketing service. She wrote about Hospitality Marketing 2010. Original Article

She says

it is intrinsic for successful marketers of the coming decade to:

Deliver consistently on brand promises and customer experiences
Listen and interact regularly with customers to create, enhance, and maintain customer loyalty
Create a unique selling proposition for services that cater to customer preferences to build and retain brand loyalty
To create marketing communications that are based on product fact points and delivery of promised brand experiences
Use sequential communication across a mix of marketing media
Influence possible customers through existing customers. Word of mouth marketing, which has been redefined by the onset of the new wave of social media and Web 2.0 initiatives, should be harnessed to the maximum.

Most of this is not new. USP, word-of-mouth, listen and interact, brand promise most of these criteria defined Hotel Marketing for all these years.
Hotel brands across the world have been good at listening (GMs do respond to negative feedback) and hotel services (luxury most deft, restaurants) sold on word-of-mouth.

So what has changed?

The medium.

Mansi hits the nail on the head with the final statement - web 2.0 tools.

Its no longer about one or two "important" phone calls and influencing socialites. Today its about everyone.

Each one of your customer is a market in unto herself and wants to be spoken to, engaged with on an individual level.

If I had to add something to this article, it would be customization.
Marketing for 2010 will be about individual preferences, experiences and memories. Hotels will have to deliver my tea, in my time frame, my way. if not? I will tell the world using the same web 2.0 tools that the hotel has.

we are equals now.