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Are you Foodspotting? If not you maybe losing business

posted Mar 26, 2010, 12:56 AM by Prabhjot Bedi   [ updated Mar 26, 2010, 1:04 AM ]

Foodspotting / About 

 Foodspotting is a visual local guide that lets you find dishes instead of just restaurants. It's powered by Foodspotters, who can share their food photos and expertise while building a rich collection of foods and where to find them. 

People are passionate about food. People buy food, visit restaurants based on word-of-mouth. 

 All lot of applications and websites make it easy to search for restaurants, bars & nightspots in your neighborhood. 

 This is different coz, the focus is on a dish, an item not on the owner of the restaurant. 

 Think back to when you told someone that you must go to Peter Pan in Kolkatta for the chelo kebab or that you had to go to karim's in Delhi etc. 

 If you are an owner or a GM/ an F&B Mgr or a Restaurant Manager, this is the place to get your star dishes on the map! If you arent listed yet & I know you arent coz, I couldn't find anything for Mumbai , but Delhi had a load of listings for Karims. MTR rules Bangalore 

 Become a Foodspotter by sharing a food that you love! You can post sightings on the website or email them to food@foodspotting.com!