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5 Skills For Career Success In Budget Hotels

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October 28, 2010

Why? Budget is where the future is.

Ginger hotels That's right, it is the fastest growing segment in the hospitality trade and will continue to expand for time to come.

Most of the brands are self-help, good looking motels.
If you walk in with skills you learnt in Hotel Management Schools, you would not only fail magnificently, you may want to go back and strangle some of the faculty.

Here are my 5 skills for career success in Budget Hotels:

more than anyother space, this segment, requires and rewards individuals who have the capacity to take on a myriad of roles without the slightest reluctance and hesitation.

2. Think Efficiency
In everything that you do here, effeciency is the key word. Customer happiness/satisfaction will follow, once they are educated enough on what is on offer and what isn't.

3. ABILITY to say NO
I know, you were trained to the 'customer is always right' but this is not where it is to be practiced. This is a mass market and any deviation (customization) costs money. you have to be able to say NO to things that are not available/provided

4. Technology Savvy
If you dont know how it all works together, you will be at sea and without a life jacket. As these brands grow, technology will play a big part in facilitating multi-location issues and guest services

5. Process Management
Everything is laid down in a manual and your job is to learn it, implement it and train it further. dont question, dont try and change these things, just follow them. if it says, one swipe of the rag, then thats it.

Its a space that will give you a chance to take on mega responsibilities at a very early stage/age and you better learn to forget that 14 course meal they were teaching you in fnb classes!!

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