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JD for Sous Chef

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As Sous Chef, you will be an integral member of the leadership team in balancing guest expectations, employee needs and profitability.

You will also
  • assist the Chef to create, cost and implement menus incorporating the standardised menu
  • supervise operations including food preparation and production
  • liaise with suppliers
  • set, implement and review service standards
  • adhere to strict OH&S and HACCP regulations
  • liaise with the Food and Beverage Manager on menu, guest feedback and service issues
  • Ensure food philosophy is maintained with a standardised product.

  • Maintain cost effectiveness by maintaining profitability in all areas.

  • Constantly evaluate systems to facilitate improvement where possible.
Ensure HACCP procedures are followed and clear records are kept at all times.

  • Ensure the highest standard in preparation of food production and delivery.

  • Exceed guest expectations in quality and service of food products
Plan and design menus for food as well as beverages.

  • Tastefully do pairing of wine with food.
Follow guidelines laid by the Executive Chef on menu plan and design.

  • Manage staff in each section as assigned by the Executive Chef to ensure the proper use of equipment and efficient completion of all tasks.
Monitor grooming and personal hygiene of staff to ensure standards are maintained to the highest level.
Liaise with the Catering and Stewarding Departments in a professional manner to ensure event objectives are achieved and standards are maintained at all times.

  • Oversee the stock take and stock rotation for the assigned section. 

  • Monitor the operation to ensure that food wastage is minimised and to maintain cost effectiveness and profitability in all areas. 

  • Check all equipment prior to service where applicable.

  • Distribute work schedules in appropriate sections of the Kitchen and delegate work to ensure deadlines assigned by Senior Management are met.
Liaise with Floor Managers to facilitate service delivery and ensure standards are maintained.
Monitor the presentation of food to ensure it complies with company standards and guidelines as per prescribed recipe’s.

  • Record all recipes and update the manual as required to ensure the Kitchen has comprehensive information at all times. 

  • Oversee all front of house food set ups to ensure they are as per guidelines set by the Executive Chef.

  • Organise rosters for casual, agency and section staff as per guidelines set by the Executive Chef.
Promote an environment of team work to facilitate the achievement of department objectives.
Monitor quantity and quality of food products for the assigned section to ensure compliance with standards.
Evaluate systems and procedures to facilitate continuous improvement in the delivery of products and services. 

  • Monitor the operation of the Kitchen to ensure HACCP procedures are followed and clear records are kept at all times. 

  • Training coordinates with the training manager, ensure new joinees are inducted with proper departmental orientation, explain tasks, and ensure that existing team members are empowered with new skills and wherever possible multi-skilling is done on merit.
  • Maintain relevant documentation for training needs and completion of sessions.
Counselling, every team member performance needs to be evaluated on a periodic basis and follow standard procedure laid down by the management.
  • Motivate and encourage slow learners to enable brisk and efficient delivery of tasks.
  • Conducts individual appraisals, understands need for motivation, growth and retention of team members.

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