Executive Chef - Job Description

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The position oversees all aspects of the culinary section of the hotel.

The incumbent should be well versed with the industry standards & have Good leadership qualities.

Main Responsibility :-
  • Create a good working atmosphere, coordinate & motivate the kitchen staff.
  • Ensure that the dishes served are of high quality, that they comply with brand standards & delight guests.
  • Minimize outgoing costs on food items.
  • Manage global expenditure regarding kitchen operations. 
  • Ensure agreed quality of product is maintained and appropriate action is taken when standards are not met and GSS targets are not achieved by liaison with all key partners as necessary.
  • To fully understand HACCP and COSHH and take appropriate action to ensure a safe and equitable working environment whilst being sensitive to, and aware of, business levels in order to maintain a disciplined but harmonious department.
  • Ensure stock levels and ordering of food items is kept under control to minimalise wastage
  • To recruit, monitor and train staff 
  • To keep the manning and overtime to the agreed levels and within budgeted payroll %
  • To ensure the Kitchen fabric and equipment is kept in a safe, clean and fully functional condition
  • By analysing market food trends, make appropriate menu suggestions and development within agreed timescales
  • To optimise profitability of the outlet and ensure that all relevant costs are controlled in line with the budget
A successful candidate generally has 10 -15 yrs experience.

  • Innovative Quality Oriented
  • Eye for detail Thorough & methodical.
  • Teaching & Motivating Skills.
  • Adaptability.
  • Responsiveness.
  • Creative flair.
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