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The Executive Sous Chef is the second in command to the Executive Chef.

He is responsible for the entire kitchen in the absence of the Executive Chef and assists the Executive Chef in the day to day running of the department.

The position was usually called the Sous Chef, but the increasing use of the title Sous Chef for chef who manage a particular outlet/restaurant etc, Executive was added to signify departmental responsibilities.
  • Operational background, strong understanding of operational controls, budgeting, forecasting and scheduling.
  • Good team building spirit and inspired trainer.
  • Creative and cost conscious; Elaboration of new recipes, train and control, their implementation
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Good knowledge of HACCP procedures.
  • Possess strong leadership, communication, organization and relationship skills.
  • Good English proficiency, both spoken and written.
  • Computer literate.

Assist Executive Chef and replace in absence. Responsible for all aspects of managing the kitchen and kitchen personnel, ensuring the quality preparation and presentation of all menu items and proper handling / storage of all food items in accordance with hotel standards and sanitation / health regulations.
Coordinate the purchase of all food and develop menus, maintaining approved food costs and labor costs. Education: Must have certification of culinary training.

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