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"Every flower is a soul blossoming in Nature"

It is well said "Flowers always make people better, happier and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine to the soul." Flowers are widely used for interior decoration; it gives aesthetic appeal to the ambiance. Flower arrangement is an art and it is widely used in hotel, offices, and hospitals on everyday basis. Flower arrangement may be defined as the art of organizing and grouping together plant materials to achieve harmony of form, color, and texture. They add cheer, beauty, life and happiness to the ambiance.

In hotels flowers are used extensively. There are different arrangements of flower placed on different places. Large spectacular arrangement are kept in the lobby, restaurant and small arrangement are kept in rooms, suites. The extent to which flowers are used in hotel interior depends on the degree of luxury provided.The housekeeper is responsible for all flower arrangement and their placement in most hotels.

Circular shape: Arranging flower in circular design adds a pleasing
element. It is satisfying to the viewer's eye. The circular or round shape is loved by nature since majority of flowers lies in this shape. In fact, its also easier to arrange flowers in circular fashion. This type of arrangement is laid on conference tables or on buffet tables. They can be presented to high class executives or politicians on different occasion.

Triangular shape: It is a most common arrangement of flowers used in Personal and Professional functions. Firstly, height and width is fixed with flowers and then focal point is established. It is made in the triangle shape and looks very attractive. They are placed on the buffet
table or in the side station. In ceremonies we can find this kind of arrangements.

Crescent shape: The crescent is asymmetrical and formal. It requires lot of skill and experience. This type of arrangement is very eye catching. It is kept in the lobby of the hotel. It is used as a focal point to catch the attention of the guest.

Fan shape
: It is a low arrangement and it does not interfere with conversation
across the table. It is a fan or a horizontal in shape generally placed
in the restaurant either in buffet or on dining table. Hotel rooms also
have this kind of arrangement

Hogarth or 'S' shape: This is very graceful style of arrangement. It is easier to make when curved branches are used. Once 'S' shape is made, flowers are filled at the center.

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Ikebana: means 'making flowers live' in Japanese. People in Japan use flowers to symbolize season. They represent ideal harmony between earthy and eternal life. In each arrangement there is an imaginary triangle tallest line represent heaven, towards the heaven is man and the lowest line looking up to both is earth. This is been practiced for past 100 years. The formal type of flower arrangement is called Seika style. Floating type of arrangement is called Ukibana and basket type of arrangement is called Morimano.

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